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August 27, 2007

23 Things-Thing 23-Concluding thoughts

What a terrific opportunity this has been to learn new technologies, to revisit some I was already familiar with, and to tap into the amazing array of technological and social-networking currents that are shaping the lives of so many of our present and future customers.

I am fascinated by the simultaneous globalization and expansion of knowledge/experience/access and the (at times extreme) personalization of the presentation and use of that knowledge and experience. Equally interesting to me is the impact all this (YouTube, MySpace, blogging) has--and will have--on the definition and playing out of "community" and interpersonal/ social relationships.

The challenge for libraries really isn't about mastering every tool in this "embarassment of riches"; it is to identify those that best match our mission and vision for the future, to "see" our own futures in these new arenas of experience, and to find ways to insert ourselves as a relevant presence within these worlds.


August 23, 2007

23 Things-Thing 21-Podcasts Directory is a terrific way to locate all sorts of
useful and unusual podcasts.
I have been to several library conferences recently that are
making wide use of podcasts and other 2.o tools to share presentations

For this exercise, I added Hotcasts to my bloglines.

23 Things-Thing 20-YouTube

Lots of fun! One can spend hours here.
I posted a hoot of a video--check it out.
Searching on the site could be improved--more categories.
Potential uses for libraries: possibly promos for services and/or
instructional blurbs (how to search the catalog, etc.).

Woman Gets Scared S***less!!!

This is a hoot!

August 22, 2007

23 Things-Thing 16-Wikis

Looked at Library Success, Library 2.0, and Book Lovers Wikis.
I think the Princeton Book Lovers wiki is great! What a great way to foster customer and staff collaboration. I can see the value of such a wiki as a reader's advisory tool.

August 14, 2007

23 Things-Thing

Looked at the tutorial on, and explored some of the sites and libraries using it.
...interesting from the social networking perspective--and fun. I wonder, though, about its
usefulness for research, especially among many library customers. The problem, here, as with all tagging, is that it simultaneously reflects both the collective wisdom of the crowd and the highly idiosyncratic thinking of individuals.
...a potential time saver...or minefield for customers!